Few DevOps interview questions

Posted on Feb. 24, 2019


Please find below questions and comment with answers.

  1. How to declare environment variables in groovy.
  2. explain  about REST API and how to automate?
  3. difference between pipeline and multi branching pipeline in VCS
  4. what type of credianals you can store in jenikes environment
  5. How deploy keys in git hub
  6. Explain about different branching strategies?
  7. How branch protection handled in github
  8. difference  between docker container and  docker images
  9. Explain about docker swarm
  10. How shell scripts can be automated
  11. difference between network load balancer and classic load balancer
  12. What is s3 bucket and use cases



12 a) s3 bucket is an object storage space like google drive..you can store ur files. There you create buckets then upload ur objects into that..
Its highly avalible and durable 99.999999999%

11 ans) in aws we have 3 lbs
1. Classical load balncer simply u create lb attach backend servers to that, if someone hit that lb it will redirect trafic to backend server..
2. Application Lb,: supports path based routing and adv
3. Network lb: provides more bandwidth compare to above 2, used tcp protocol


Thanks Tarun, for your reply above interview queries

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