Introduction to Qlik sence

Posted on July 14, 2019


Qlik Sense is an application which provides you to analyze and visualize a huge amount of data. Qlik Sense offers a simplified user interface, drag-and-drop visualizations, and the ability to load data without manually editing scripts. It is basically used as a tool for business intelligence. It helps us to analyze and visualize the business and sales of the company. In Qlik we can have many apps created and any number of sheets to visualize. 

Qlik Loading Data:

we can either create sheets in an existing app or you can create a new app

You can create an app and name it accordingly.

To load data we can choose from existing files or we can load through Script editor 

Here I have loaded data through the load script. After loading the data we have to look into the data model.

what is the data model?

A data model refers to the logical inter-relationships and data flow between different data elements involved in the information world. It also documents the way data is stored and retrieved. Data models facilitate communication business and technical development by accurately representing the requirements of the information system and by designing the responses needed for those requirements. Data models help represent what data is required and what format is to be used for different business model

There are two types of Data models 

  1. Entity Relationship (E-R) Model
  2. UML (Unified Modelling Languages


This is how you can load data and get a data model for it 







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