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How to use Python in Devops

Python in DevOps
Nowadays everyone is looking at DevOps and Python. So if you want to know why the python is important in DevOps this article may help you.
In DevOps culture, we are required to do a lot of automation using tools and scripts. Python will provide huge open libraries and modules to help in that automation.
If we want to write a script to automate a task Python is a better option in terms of platform independence, easy to write and integrations with all tools. In Python there are so many modules available as open-source which supports several tools.
Below are some useful modules in python to write automation scripts.
Gitapi is a python module which will interact with our version control system, so if you wish to set properties or some useful functions dynamically you can write a python script using this module.
Continuous integration we need to add some scripts to perform some of the jobs. If we write those scripts in bash or PowerShell then we will face a problem when our CI environment is changed. So we can use python to so that we can move our environments.

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What is DevOps and its common principles

What is DevOps
We have lot of definitions in Internet for DevOps , but none of those definitions can say this is the DevOps. So here also I am not going to tell this particular thing is DevOps, because it is not a thing, not a framework and not at all about tools.
First I want to say that DevOps is not a new born baby from last 3 to 4 years ?,No the word “DevOps” is the only new thing to us. So let us take a look at the past process to deliverables in terms of Software Delivery models, so that we can understand how DevOps is framed.
Suppose if an organization is providing some services to the users then it will maintain below teams to maintain and develop their services.
Development Team -> Responsible for development of their services.
Middleware Team -> responsible for deploying/ management of executables.
Admin Teams (Operations) -> Responsible for setting up the environments and maintenance.

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Few DevOps interview questions

Please find below questions and comment with answers.
How to declare environment variables in groovy.
explain  about REST API and how to automate?
difference between pipeline and multi branching pipeline in VCS
what type of credianals you can store in jenikes environment
How deploy keys in git hub
Explain about different branching strategies?

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DevOps Common principles part 1

DevOps Principles (part1)
In my previous post what is devops is explained and also defined some of the principles in devops.
So this article is about to give a glance about all the Devops principles defined in my earlier post.
Once again globally followed DevOps principles are
Source code management (SCM)
Continuous Integration (CI)
Infrastructure as a Code

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DevOps Common principles part 2

DevOps Principles (part2)
So far we have defined what is devops and some of DevOps principles in previous post.
This is the continuation of the previous post. Please go through below links if we miss the previous posts.
What is Devops
Devops Principles part 1
Configuration Management
As said in previous posts we can write scripts/programs for automatically create infrastructure and somehow we can configure small changes, but if we want to take up large infrastructure with lots of set of servers with lots of configuration items.

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