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AWS Interview Question and Answers (Part-I)

1. What is VPC?
VPC(Virtual Private Cloud)  is one of the Cloud service provided by AWS to launch your resource like EC2, RDS, etc., On the virtual network isolated from other services of cloud.
2. What are the subnets and types of subnets?
When we have a large single network it would be difficult for us to maintain. So for better maintenance, we will divide that network into two or more small networks as per our requirement. These are called subnets. This process is called Subnetting. Subnet allows an organization to connected to the internet with a shared network. All IPs on the subnet have the same prefix.
Subnets in AWS are the subset of the VPC CIDR block.
We have two types of subnets in AWS:
1.Public Subnets: Subnet which is associated with a routing table that has a route to the internet gateway (Used to connect to the internet directly) is called Public Subnet. (EX: Web servers)

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